Witness location and skip tracking servicesIn February of 2015, Investigators at Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc. were contacted by attorney Glenn Davidson and requested to locate and conduct witness interviews. Investigators were able to locate the main controversial witness in question and obtain a solid verbal and handwritten statement from the individual.

Upon completion of the investigation, we furnished the findings to Attorney Glenn Davidson. The trial was expected to begin May 18, 2015. However, recently, we spoke with Attorney Glenn Davidson in reference to the State of Alabama vs. Edward Lee Bonner murder investigation. He advised that based on the information that we had gathered during the course of our investigation, they had been able to strike a deal with the Mobile County District Attorney’s office. They agreed to take the murder charge off the table and allow Mr. Bonner to plead guilty to burglary 2nd with a split sentence of 20 split to serve 5 years. In our book this is victory!