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Financial Fraud

Private Corporate Investigations | Alabama, Florida and across the U.S.

Baldwin Legal Investigations’ professional private investigators provide litigation services to assist attorneys in the interpretation and evaluation of complex corporate investigations that including accounting and financial issues. The firm’s forensic experts work extensively with litigators on matters involving alleged fraud and complicated financial transactions. Areas in which our team can assist include:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Financial and accounting analyses
  • Damages assessments
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Forensic computer analysis in collaboration with forensic accounting
  • Recreation of financial records
  • Complex Fraud and Embezzlement

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Computer Forensics

Computer forensic investigations vary greatly from case to case. Generally, this investigation uses analytical and investigative techniques to identify, examine and collect information that is encoded in a computer system.

Situations occur in companies where computer evidence is the only way to uncover the truth. Whether it’s illegal internet access or general misconduct on the web, Baldwin Legal Investigations’ expert private investigators will reveal what’s really going on when no one is looking. This service can be used to retrace your steps when data has been lost from the system. Common scenarios also include:

  • Unauthorized use of internet sites
  • Unattended employees with internet access
  • Cohabitation with children present
  • Fraud or deception cases
  • Forensic accounting
  • Recover incriminating documents and ledgers
  • Recovery of financial transactions, and incriminating emails and documents.
  • + more

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Risk Analysis Security Consulting

Proactively addressing potential vulnerabilities is a crucial part of developing an effective security program.

Baldwin Legal Investigations’ experienced security consultants conduct all risk assessments and security audits by working with your company’s key leadership to compare current practices with the best practices in security management systems, human resources, physical security, workplace procedures and crisis management plans.

A security consulting engagement with BLI can include:

  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Policies and procedures audit and/or design
  • Security camera system design and installation
  • Security plan implementation

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Video Surveillance

Whether it’s a worker’s compensation case, loss prevention or theft investigation, competitor investigation, fraud investigation or infidelity investigation, Baldwin Legal Investigation can handle the surveillance required by the circumstances. Headed by surveillance expert Max Hansen, all surveillance operations are handled professionally, discreetly and diligently.

The following is a list of examples where video surveillance is key to uncovering the truth:

We have a talented pool of experienced private investigators trained to handle various types of investigations, for instance, surveillance in child custody investigations requires that certain privacy concerns be taken into account. With our vast bank of vehicles and equipment we can get any surveillance done quickly and effectively.

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