Counter Surveillance

Countersweep Measures

Don’t let your privacy be encroached upon by someone illegally bugging your home or office. If you suspect that you may be under electronic surveillance, the investigators at Baldwin Legal Investigators, LLC can help! When choosing a surveillance countermeasures service provider, it is essential that you choose a qualified, trusted private investigator firm.

Baldwin Legal Investigations LLC is a full service, licensed and insured private investigator agency. We use highly trained and skilled staff members that have built a reputation of reliability and integrity.

Electronic surveillance detection can give you, or your business, confidence that your privacy is protected at your home, residence, or office building. If you value your privacy, and suspect the presence of bugs, recording devices, hidden cameras, or GPS Tracking devices, then you need to let the private investigators at Baldwin Legal Investigations perform counter-sweep measures.

Bug Sweep
Hidden Camera Surveillance

Our investigators will provide counter-surveillance, and find the bugs invading your privacy. Our private investigators can successfully find the following: bugs in phones, cameras planted in your home or office, GPS Tracking devices in vehicles, and recording devices in your office or home. The private investigators at Baldwin Legal Investigations use the latest technology to discover any hidden surveillance devices to give you peace of mind.

Bug and wiretaps are regularly used to spy on people involved in litigation. A professionally conducted bug sweep will uncover whether you are under surveillance of any kind. Consider a bug sweep of your office or home. Our counter-sweep measure services include discovery of the following:
• Tapped Phones
• Electronic surveillance
• Hidden cameras
• Compromised data lines

Baldwin Legal Investigations LLC provides full service, private investigation services throughout the Southeast U.S., including Alabama and Florida. B.L.I. is licensed and insured and utilizes over 100 years of specialized investigative experience to conduct investigations. Our clients include private citizens, attorneys, corporations and insurance companies.

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