Pensacola, Florida

BLI Stands Ready to Assist You with Private Detectives in Pensacola, Florida.

Private Investigator Pensacola FL | Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc.Baldwin Legal Investigations LLC. provides full service, private investigator services throughout the Southeastern United States, including Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. If you are a private citizen, a lawyer, an insurance company or a corporation of any size, and need investigation services, we can have private detectives in Pensacola immediately.

Baldwin Legal Investigations utilizes over 100 years of specialized investigative experience and every one of our investigators is fully licensed and insured according to the latest 2014 regulations. Don’t settle for less.

We’re located just over the state line from Pensacola, Florida. Our clients come to us from Florida because of our unmatched full service which ranks us in the top 5% of private investigator services in the country. Whether you are an individual or a business, we provide first rate, on-call services and ready response to attend to any investigative situation you may encounter.

“… just came back from Phoenix. The lawyer was very pleased and impressed with Baldwin Legal Investigations’ work as well as your professional presentation. In fact, I think he relied exclusively on your material when he presented at a summary hearing the following day. He told the lawyer for [defendant] that there was a serious question about the quit claim. Dates were set for my deposition, future summaries and a court hearing. Thanks again for your very helpful work…”
C.W., Pensacola, Florida

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