Capital Murder and Mitigation Services

If you or loved one is accused of murder, intentional murder, or capital murder, having your attorney enlist the aid of an established private investigation firm could be crucial to your case. Our second set of eyes could lead to new discoveries, identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, identify problems with the chain of custody, or identify mitigation strategies for your defense.


B.L.I. is recognized as a leading investigative firm in Murder and Capital Murder cases. Our specially trained team consists of retired FBI employees and includes a Certified Mitigation Specialist.  B.L.I. conducts:

  • background research,
  • witness interviews,
  • evidence reviews,
  • witness testimony preparation,
  • mitigation research, and
  • backgrounds for jury venire.


In addition, B.L.I. can arrange for the independent forensic review of digital and crime scene evidence. Our firm works with appointed defense counsel via the Alabama Office of Indigent Defense to conduct investigative and mitigation services on behalf of indigent clients.

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