Finding the best nooks and crannies for Christmas

Usually, as private detectives, BLI is in the business of finding clues and facts for a case. Today instead of learning how to find case clues, we are going to be on the sneaky side. Our hope is to reveal some places that won't leave clues for clever minds so that you...

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Stealing on Holidays?!

The air turns crisp and cold. The weekend is here. Black Friday has passed, and Cyber Monday is over. Some packages arrive on your porch. Hopefully, you can catch a couple more sales before the Christmas season ends! You go online and find a deal that is so good you...

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Wrongful death and manslaughter

Manslaughter and wrongful death cases are trials that could benefit from the use of a private investigator. When it comes to cases with such severe consequences, it is necessary to have all the facts straight. Two instances of death that occurred recently in Mobile...

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