Husband or Wife Having an Affair?

Cheating, Infidelity, Adultery, Having an Affair.Statistics indicate that roughly 40% of spouses/partners are unfaithful. Whether you call it adultery, cheating or having an affair, knowing that your partner has breached your trust is painful — and just suspecting that your wife or husband is unfaithful can feel even worse. Often a “gut feeling” is the first indication of a cheating husband or wife. Most people with this feeling become suspicious and start looking for more information to determine if their partner is really having an affair. More often than not, there are usually tell-tale signs that back up the suspicions of infidelity. You may want or need to know the truth simply to move forward with your life — or you may want proof of infidelity to win a divorce or child custody case. Baldwin Legal Investigations can help. We have a team of private investigators who use the latest equipment and surveillance techniques to discreetly find out what you need to know. Hiring a Private Eye for an Infidelity Investigation Hiring a private detective to investigate a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is a big step and can naturally contribute to stress. BLI understands the sensitive nature of infidelity investigations and handles them with the appropriate gentleness and in a highly professional manner to ensure your peace of mind and dignity. Our private investigators are experienced at surveillance and information-gathering using the latest available technologies. We represent the very best in Alabama and the Southeast at getting results and proof that can be used in court. Surveillance is not the only tool available to uncover evidence of an affair. BLI is often asked to include other tasks and services that can be done in conjunction with an infidelity investigation or spousal surveillance, such as:

  • Identifying the other man or woman
  • Tracking the suspected cheater’s vehicle
  • Providing you with computer software that can be used to monitor e-mail activity, web browsing behavior and chat room discussions
  • Asset searches

Because each infidelity case is unique, we recommend that you contact us to speak to a private investigator about your situation. We can assess which type of investigation will work best for your set of circumstances, and of course all information is strictly confidential. Call Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc. when your gut feeling demands the truth. 251.625.0766.

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