Statistics indicate that well in excess of 40% of spouses/partners are unfaithful. Often a “gut feeling” is the first indication of a cheating partner. Most people become suspicious and start looking for more information to determine if their partner is cheating.

Before engaging any private detective to investigate a cheating spouse, become familiar with the signs of infidelity that can help indicate whether your gut feeling might be correct. If your wife, husband or partner exhibits the following behaviors, it might be time to investigate.

Infidelity Checklist:

  • infidelity
    • Never lets their cell phone out of sight.
    • Has a problem when you answer their phone.
    • Private or discreet cell phone conversations.
    • Habitually erases emails, calls, and text messages.
    • Telephone conversations and text messaging at odd hours.
    • Has a separate account(s) (Bank, phone & email).
    • Unexplained expenditures.
    • More attention to appearance (Diet, clothes & GYM).
    • Odor of cologne/perfume.
    • Changed attitude and distant.
    • Reduction in normal sexual activities with partner.
    • Trips with the friends (guys or girls).
    • Comes home late.
    • Computer use increases and has private passwords.
    • Spending more time at work or work related events.