True or False?

  • Private investigators are licensed to do whatever it takes to get information.
  • Laws and ethics are not applicable to private investigators.
  • Bribing public officials for information is just part of the job.
  • The life of a private investigator is one big ball of excitement.

Alabama Private Investigator All false. Be wary of private investigators who offer to obtain information illegally. Illegally obtained information is inadmissible in a court of law. Be sure you know who you are hiring and their reputation for obtaining good clean investigative solutions.

Lawbreaking private eyes, real and imagined, do a disservice to us all. Honest investigators help ensure that our legal system, our financial institutions and other corners of American life remain fair and transparent.”  Tyler Maroney

Shady investigators tarnish our entire industry. For the article that inspired this little rant, click here.