In a criminal case, such as a murder case, private investigators can take care of gathering facts and resources for a case while the rest of the details are handled by a lawyer. This approach allows the case to be more efficient and maximize the use of resources to focus on the responsibility of proving a case, known as the burden of proof.

Many of us are familiar with the story about “the boy who cried wolf.” He kept fooling villagers by saying a wolf was attacking the sheep he was watching. The villagers rushed to the hill where the boy was but there was no wolf. When the wolf actually came, the boy cried for help but nobody believed him. To get the villagers back up there, the boy will have to regain their trust by proving to them that there is indeed a wolf; the proof has to be believable and should quench any doubt they may have.

With the story in mind, let think about criminal cases and how they are similar regarding the burden of proof; it should be beyond a reasonable doubt. Beyond a doubt. The evidence for murder cases, for example, should show the facts that support what is being proved or disproved; they should be clear to the point that there is no question about the details. Investigations like these, that provide proof, should be conducted by professionals. Such people, like private investigators or private detectives, can then help surface facts to eliminate doubts about the angles in a case, whatever they may be. Murder cases are probably at the top when it comes to the burden of proof. And while lawyers focus on the facts and their clients, a private detective can navigate through the details and gather even more facts and resources for the criminal case.

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Fact-finding for criminal cases is one of the ways private investigators can help when it comes to criminal cases. There are other circumstances, such as child custody, infidelity, and more where hiring a private investigator could help expedite results and get answers for a case.


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