criminal-defense-investigationsIf you have been accused with a crime and are facing a trial, the investigation conducted by your defense team should be as thorough as possible. The prosecuting attorney will be looking hard for evidence that will incriminate and convict you, so it’s very important that your criminal defense attorney also perform an investigation to uncover evidence that may clear you of whatever you have been accused of doing.

Your criminal defense lawyer will usually first obtain a police report of the alleged incident, but you should insist that he or she also perform their own independent investigation. Baldwin Legal Investigations provides investigative services for a number of criminal defense lawyers and law firms in Alabama, and all along the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. While our team conducts an extensive exploration and analysis of evidence and witnesses, your defense attorney focuses on the procedural aspects of the case as well as a sound strategy for trial. As investigators, we work hard to find witnesses and evidence that will aid your defense team in its effort to get you acquitted.

Generally speaking, the role of the private investigator in a criminal defense case is to look for gaps in the evidence. It could be physical evidence that’s missing, or inconsistencies in statements made by witnesses that are causing the prosecution to conclude you are guilty. BLI’s team works with your defense trial lawyer to explore options and determine the best approach to the investigation.

Depending upon the circumstances, our investigators may examine the crime scene to see if anything was overlooked. We will interview witnesses to double-check the details and consistency of their stories or to gather additional information. Very often we’ll also seek out additional witness that might not have initially be interviewed by the police or prosecutor.

Inconsistencies in evidence, additional details and witness accounts can be used very effectively in a criminal defense case, so don’t overlook the need to hire a private investigator; he or she can be an invaluable member of your criminal defense team.