BLI was recently retained to provide physical security and counter-surveillance for the Poarch Creek Indians on their reservation in Poarch Creek, AL. The tribe had terminated the employment of their Police Chief, who was not a tribal member, in March 2015. Our private investigators were advised that the Police Chief had made multiple threats to tribal leaders and members of the Tribal Council. The Council felt that the former Police Chief was a viable threat to themselves personally as well as to others living on the reservation and were very concerned about protecting their citizens and also Tribal employees.

The first 72 hours after a separation are critical whenever a terminated employee is expected to become threatening to himself or others. We sent in one of our highly trained teams and worked on the reservation round the clock for ten days, providing both physical protection for tribal members and counter-surveillance on the ex- Police Chief. Ultimately, the situation settled  down and the tribe became convinced the threat had been substantially reduced.

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc. employs only licensed and insured private investigators. Additionally, all of our investigators are either prior military or prior police personnel and properly trained to provide physical security for any situation. Many investigative services firms are limited in what they can handle and many are not fully certified under the new regulations put in place on May 1, 2014. These regulations were designed to protect you, the consumer. Don’t settle for less.