In order to properly represent your defendant in a murder or capital murder case, it is critical to build an exhaustive defense. In cases appointed by the state of Alabama, Baldwin Legal Investigations (BLI) can help by using resources and expertise for this specific type of case. BLI can offer their private investigative services to attorneys-at-law and help the defense team gather the needed information for their case.

Services provided by BLI as part of your defense team:

  • Witness interviews
  • Research
  • Mitigation investigations
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Forensic evidence reviews

“This will enable you to mount a credible, vigorous defense for your client.”

When it comes to indigent murder defense cases, BLI has knowledge, experience, and they can access specific sources for this kind of case. BLI has investigated more than 300 murder or capital murder cases!  And, because of their expertise, investigators can aid in the process of obtaining funds from the Office ofIndigent Defense Services (OIDS).

Additional reading information can be located at NCSC.ORG by navigating to ‘Resources by Topic’ and then choosing ‘Indigent Defense’ from a list of Topics (organized from A-Z) or from categories.

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