In one of the most disturbing cases seen in Mobile County in recent years, a judge agreed with the jury that John DeBlase deserves the death penalty for his crimes. Convicted in November 2014  of the 2010 torture and killing of his children, Natalie DeBlase, 4, and her brother, Chase DeBlase, 3, John DeBlase continues to maintain that he did not kill his children despite overwhelming evidence against him. On January 8, 2015, Mobile County Circuit Judge Rick Stout rejected DeBlase’s request for mercy, for a life sentence rather than a death sentence. In his ruling Stout wrote,  “The court has never encountered facts showing a more callous disregard for the sanctity of human life. The court finds that the state has proven beyond a reasonable doubt these capital offenses were especially heinous, atrocious or cruel.”

Investigators at Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc. were retained by DeBlase’s defense team and exhausted all efforts in the investigations for the case.

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