Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc. is conducting an independent investigation in an attempt to verify the facts in the state’s case concerning Brandon Bledsoe who has been recently arrested along with his girlfriend, Heather Raftery, for the murder and burning of a 70 year old man.

After the first murder investigation in five years in Foley, AL, Brandon Michael Bledsoe, 33, of Foley was arrested on December 18, 2014 and charged with capital murder in the death of 70 year-old Tommy Burdette. Bledsoe’s girlfriend, Heather Raftery, 21, was arrested on the same charges. Bledsoe gave a full detailed confession that he and his girlfriend, Heather Raftery, broke into Burdette’s residence to steal from him. Bledsoe stated that the victim was a friend of his and that he used to live in that same neighborhood.

Bledsoe initiated the burglary armed with a .22 caliber rifle. He encountered Mr. Burdette in his bed and then killed him by shooting him with the rifle several times. Bledsoe and his girlfriend, Raftery, stole items from the residence and then poured gasoline on the victim and in the house and set it on fire. The flame burst caused burns to Bledsoe’s face and hands, which led to probable cause and the arrest. Stolen property from the victim’s residence was also recovered from the residence of Bledsoe and Raftery during the investigation. More information here.