Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc. recently partnered with the criminal defense law firm of John Beck to investigate the facts surrounding their client, Christian Bolden, in the matter of the State of Alabama vs Christian Bolden.

Christian Bolden was accused of sodomy in the first degree with a 12 year old female. The background is what makes this case interesting. Years ago, Christian was the victim of a traumatic brain injury when he was involved in a car accident. He was left with reduced mental capacity and a large settlement in a trust fund. The alleged victim’s parents’ apparent motive was financial.  They were found to have a long list of people they had accused of sexual misconduct and all were unsubstantiated. The accusers’ strategy was to first get a conviction in criminal court and then follow up with a civil court suit to win a large amount of money in damages. 

After a thorough investigation by B.L.I. and an intense three day jury trial where the results of our investigation were presented Christian Bolden was found not guilty.