September 8, 2015 Investigator Max Hansen traveled to Richmond, Virginia to testify on behalf of Attorney Stephen Dalton. Investigator Max Hansen provided testimony for Mr. Dalton’s client in addition to providing photographic evidence of the defendant engaged in unsafe practices with a minor child present. In early August 2015 the subject of the investigation traveled to Mobile, Alabama with her minor child after receiving divorce and custody documents in Virginia. The client engaged investigators at B.L. I. to locate his wife and child and document their activities.

Investigators conducted surveillance and research of the subject and her associations over a two-week period. Evidence was gathered that was utilized in court testimony. The judge hearing the matter, certified Investigator Max Hansen as an expert witness in matters related to narcotic investigations based on curriculum vitae and past testimony experience at the request of Attorney Dalton. Investigator testified and provided documentation of the subject engaged in illegal activities, use of narcotics, association with criminal elements, and suspect’s lack of employment or proper parental responsibility.

Testimony and evidence presented to the court resulted in the minor child being returned from Alabama to Virginia. The client in this matter was awarded full custody of minor child, and the mother ordered to pay child support and to undergo drug testing. Attorney Dalton told investigators at B.L.I., Inc. that their investigation was key to his case and resulted in a positive outcome for his client.