How to tell if someone is lying?

Are there dead giveaways to someone who is lying? How can one detect the sly thoughts of someone who is trying to deceive?

Focusing on the different moving parts of someone’s story while juggling emotions and facts can be tricky, but there is a way. There are ways to detect these signs, and at Baldwin Legal Investigations (BLI), those skills are used by the professionals to help in their cases.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if someone is lying? Well, at the Canadian Private Investigator Resource Center, they have put together an article that shows “what research has to say” on this matter.

The article talks about con artists and the ways they reel people in by using a variety of methods, including manipulating details and emotions. Stories are one of the greatest things to look out for because they tend to sneak past our guard. Fortunately, trained professionals, such as those at BLI, are able to gather the facts for their different cases (whether it be civil, custodial, legal, or corporate investigations) without being interrupted by the colors of the storytelling. Here are some tips that investigators use, and although they take time to develop, they will help by showing techniques to focus on finding the truth.

There are five areas of focus covered in the article that will help with the fact-finding.

In the end, who should be trusted? There’s comfort in knowing there are trustworthy people, but for those who aren’t, the article will provide some tips on detecting lies.