Baldwin Legal Investigations was retained by the legal defense team to perform investigative services in the case of Bruce Salter, who was recently acquitted of capital murder charges in the 2013 homicide of Donald Howard.

The victim, Donald Howard, had been robbed and shot multiple times on January 14, 2013. At the time, Salter and Howard were driving together when another man, Charles Jenkins, called and asked to meet them. When Salter and Howard reached the location Salter exited the car to urinate and Jenkins opened fire on Howard.

Jenkins then held Salter at gunpoint and ordered him to help dispose of the body. While disposing of the body, Jenkins realized that Howard was still alive and shot him one final time in the head. The pair then removed Howard’s possessions from his body. Salter took a red bandana and $24, while Jenkins took a cell phone and a pocket knife.

Shortly after the incident Salter contacted attorney John Dearman and recounted the story. Together they contacted the Baldwin County District Attorney’s office and reported the incident. However, Salter was considered a suspect rather than a material witness. In recounting his story to the prosecutor Salter did not mention the $24 he took or the final shot to Howard’s head. Because of this withholding of information, the prosecution decided to charge Salter with capital murder and robbery.

Salter was held for over 900 days without bail. He was finally tried in late January of 2016; the trial lasted a week and he was acquitted on all counts. During the trial the prosecution argued that Salter had knowingly set up Howard, but the defense team, aided by the investigative work of BLI, argued that none of the evidence supported the prosecution’s theory.

The information Salter provided led to the arrest of Jenkins and his eventual conviction for murder.