Employee Investigation for Violation of Non-Compete AgreementBaldwin Legal Investigations provided the defining evidence to bring a former employee to trial for violating her non-compete agreement. Our clients for this employee investigation were partners in a cleaning company. Angel Bender worked for them cleaning houses until she was asked to leave for poor performance. As they did with every employee, the partners had asked Angel to sign a non-compete agreement when she was hired, and she had done so. However, upon being fired, Angel immediately began to contact former and existing clients of the cleaning company, in clear violation of her non-compete agreement.

Enter Baldwin Legal Investigations. We performed surveillance activities to locate Ms. Bender and found her actively in violation of her non-compete agreement, cleaning a former client’s house.  Using our advanced imaging equipment, we were able to obtain clear evidence of the violation and to obtain and serve papers while she was still at the house. The parties involved in this civil case are currently actively engaged in litigation.

If you believe an employee or former employee has violated the terms of their employment or non-compete agreement, contact BLI today.