The state of Alabama alone has many missing person cases, and although some date back to before this century, there are also some recent cases reported.

The reality of missing people raises the questions, Is enough being done to find them? And who is able to help with missing person cases?

News reports will increase awareness of a missing person and will usually inform after a person is found but actual investigations happen elsewhere. Sometimes law enforcement agencies can’t or won’t deal with your case and hiring a professional missing persons investigator will help when they start the search and continue to search until you get some answers. Some recent news pieces that are out there are the Missing Woman in Mobile who was foundMissing Mobile Man, Man Missing on Dauphin Island found safe. If you are concerned and are trying to locate someone who is not easy to find, your best bet is to work with a private investigator.


One of Baldwin Legal Investigations success stories is when a local father contacted BLI to help locate his daughter. They stepped in and found her just in time.

This is one case that shows the work of the dedicated team and trained professionals here at BLI.

If you are concerned about someone who has gone missing, call the experts at BLI.