Skip Trace and Witness Location

“Skip Tracing” is a term used in the investigations industry to describe the process of locating a witness or fugitive that can’t be found in the usual places: home, work, or hanging around within their social circles. The phrase is derived from the term “to skip town” — when someone goes missing, skip tracing techniques are employed to find them.

There are a number of reasons for employing a private investigator to perform skip tracing:

  • Alabama Skip Tracing ServicesTo find a defendant or witness that failed to appear in court
  • To locate a spouse or ex-spouse who needs to appear in family court on issues relating to divorce or child support proceedings
  • To locate debtors or individuals who have defaulted on payments
  • To find individuals that may have received an inheritance

Skip Tracing involves gathering information and analyzing large amounts of data in order to make a determination as to where the individual might be. BLI’s courteous and experienced staff specializes in evasive and hard to find individuals. Our investigators have access to court records as well as a range of other documents:

  • Phone databases
  • DMV records: driver’s license, vehicle registration
  • Utility bills
  • Credit reports and credit card applications
  • Loan applications
  • Job applications
  • Air travel records

Once information is collected, BLI thoroughly reviews and verifies that everything that has been gathered is true and accurate which helps to weed out false leads. Our investigators may also employ surveillance and interviews/questioning in an effort to locate the individual in question.

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