Risk Assessment and Security Consulting

Conducting a thorough risk assessment is the first step to creating a safer and more secure workplace. By performing an audit and analysis of how much your company’s assets are worth — and the possible threats they are exposed to — you can start to make better decisions about how to protect those assets.

Baldwin Legal Investigation’s professional security consultants are trained to proactively address potential areas of risk and help you develop an effective security program.

Risk assessments are done by evaluating the relationship between your company’s assets, potential threats and safeguards with the following aims:

  • Identifying the value of the assets
  • Identifying threats and vulnerabilities to the assets
  • Measuring the likelihood and the impact of the potential threats
  • Determining priorities and finding an economic balance between the impact of the threat and the cost of preventing/eliminating it

As part of the risk assessment, BLI’s experts analyze any safeguards and security measures you may already have in place. The following areas are considered when determining how to reduce vulnerabilities and mitigate any negative impact from a threat occurrence:

  • Physical Security
  • Electronic (Systems) Security
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Security Personnel

We take an in-depth look at your workplace — both the physical security, systems security and your business processes — to identify anything that may cause harm to people or loss of property or corporate secrets. Vulnerabilities may include problems with the physical office space or production facility, internal processes or systems, protection systems or loss prevention programs. Once identified, BLI can evaluate how likely and severe the risks are and help you put measures in place to either prevent or reduce any potential damage or loss.

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