Has a Loved One Gone Missing?

Missing Person Investigators in Alabama (Mobile, Birmingham) and Pensacola, FLWith almost half a million people reported missing every year — a large percentage of them children/minors — it’s not a wonder that police departments are overwhelmed. Police-led missing persons searches can be limited because of how the term “missing persons” is defined by law enforcement agencies. Your local police department may only start looking for a missing person after a certain amount of time has passed since he or she was last seen. Police may also be reluctant to devote their limited resources to search for people who may have voluntarily left home and may also stop looking for missing persons after a certain amount of time.

If you are worried and trying to locate someone who is not easy to find, and when law enforcement agencies can’t or won’t deal with your missing persons case, your best bet is to work with a private investigator. A professional missing persons investigator will start looking for someone as soon as you hire them and will continue to search until you get some answers.

“I had spent a year trying to find my baby girl after her mother ran off with her. I kept getting court dates but was not seen by a judge because the mother couldn’t be served. I’ve tried other private investigators and drove through 5 states looking at addresses they gave with no luck. Courts weren’t helping, sheriffs weren’t able to locate her, and I’ve filed in multiple states but came up short every time. Then one day when it seemed like nothing was going to get her into court I came across Baldwin Legal Investigations. I spoke with them on a Friday afternoon and Monday they had me in their office making things happen. It took 3 days for them to locate the mother and my child and verify!! When time was of the utmost importance they pulled through with a very well put together case report. Because of them and the importance they put towards my case when no one else could help, I was able to locate the mother and get her served within 10 days. I couldn’t be happier!! After a year of heartbreak and disappointment the team at Baldwin Legal Investigations lifted a huge burden off my family and put me closer to getting my daughter back than ever before. And that is priceless. ‘Thank you’ is an understatement for how much I appreciate the work you guys have done.”  
M.F., Summerdale, AL


A missing persons investigation can help you if you’re looking for:

  • Family members who have run away or disappeared voluntarily
  • Children or minors that have been kidnapped
  • Debtors who may owe you money
  • Fugitives who are trying to evading prosecution

The professional private investigators at Baldwin Legal Investigations (BLI) use a number of techniques to find missing persons:

  • Conducting background checks and questioning witnesses. BLI’s private investigators aren’t held to the same restrictions as commercial background check providers and have access to a wider range of records.
  • Enlisting the help of others to isolate likely suspects and/or those who may have assisted in an abduction. BLI’s private investigators have an extensive network of people they can recruit to help them with a missing persons search, including other private investigators and paid informants.
  • Surveillance and videotaping. BLI’s investigators use the latest surveillance equipment to observe locations where a missing person is likely to be and to track suspects in a missing persons case.
  • Retaining fugitive recovery specialists. These investigators are expert at finding criminals and debtors trying to evade justice and aren’t limited by the same laws as local police. If they suspect a criminal is hiding in a certain location, the can enter without a warrant.
  • Searching hospitals and morgues. If there is a reason to believe that a missing person may be injured or dead, private detectives can search facilities where a victim is likely to be.

If you are concerned about someone who has gone missing, call the experts at BLI — we are here to help you.

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