Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigator Serving Alabama, Florida and across the USIt might be hard to believe, but almost one in four Americans think it’s acceptable to defraud insurers.

Insurance fraud is a burden on the U.S. economy with an estimated $80 billion being paid out every year in fraudulent insurance claims. Insurance firms, business owners and corporations need to protect their investments as insurance fraud is becoming more prevalent than ever in the workplace.

If you yourself have been accused of insurance fraud, a qualified private investigator can help clear your name by gathering evidence to help ensure that your insurance company pays you the full amount to which you are entitled.

Baldwin Legal Investigations has saved thousands of dollars for its clients by revealing the truth around fraudulent insurance claims. We specialize in uncovering various types of insurance fraud:

  • Home Insurance. Our private investigators look to uncover disaster fraud, which can include false claims of damage — or even purposeful vandalism and arson.
  • Health Insurance. Private investigation of companies or individuals that put in claims for health services they aren’t receiving or that aren’t needed.
  • Workers Compensation. We are experts in investigating workers comp fraud, verifying that employees receiving benefits are indeed injured and that the injury occurred on the job.
  • Life Insurance: Investigations cover a range of scenarios including faked death claims, suicidal accidents, murder for insurance proceeds and post-dated life insurance policies.

Baldwin Legal Investigation employs a variety of techniques to investigate insurance fraud. These techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Surveillance and witness interviews
  • Analysis of insurance policies and claim history
  • Research around physician and medical history
  • Background checks

After BLI’s fraud investigation is complete, a report with our findings is forwarded to the appropriate legal professionals who may then choose to pursue civil and/or criminal charges through law enforcement. BLI’s private investigators are often called to testify in court hearings regarding their findings.

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