Background Checks to Prevent Workplace Fraud

employee-background-checksOccupational fraud is a particularly costly crime. In a 2014 titled “Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse,” The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) estimated that just 1,483 individual cases of fraud were responsible for over $3 billion in losses. In terms of cost-per-case losses for employee theft and workplace fraud the median figure is $145,000.

One of the easiest ways to avoid unpleasant surprises from employees who steal or embezzle from your company is to perform background checks before hiring, as part of the applicant selection process. Many employers are hesitant to perform background checks for fear of scaring off candidates, as well as concerns regarding the costs associated with pre-employment screenings. These fears and concerns are easily dispelled with some quick fact checking. Companies that conduct pre-employment background checks find that the quality of applicants rises. Where costs are concerned, it’s worthwhile considering that the price of preventing employee fraud can pale in comparison to the damage it can do.

Private investigators aren’t held to the same restrictions as many commercial background check providers and have access to a wider range of records. Baldwin Legal Investigations offers comprehensive employment background checks that include:

  • Criminal Records. This information contained in this report will be an essential element in the event your company needs to defend itself against negligent hiring claims.
  • Education and Employment Record Verification: Again, having these data is required for a successful defense against any action brought against the company that claims unfair hiring practices.
  • Driver’s Records: Verify the applicant’s driver’s license and uncover any possible restrictions.
  • Personal and Professional References Verification

Hiring a private investigation firm to perform pre-employment background checks allows you to have more thorough, detailed information about potential job candidates – information that can help you make smarter hiring choices and avoid trouble down the road.

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