Child Custody Investigators

Child Custody Investigators in Alabama (Mobile, Birmingham) and Pensacola, FLA child custody investigation can help ensure that the children involved in a divorce or separation are kept safe. A court, or even a parent, may enlist a private detective to determine what a child’s environment and experiences are like when they are with the custodial or non-custodial parent. A child custody investigation sometimes reveals evidence of abuse or neglect, or of substance abuse or other behavior on the part of the parent that may negatively impact the children.

The child custody investigators at Baldwin Legal Investigations use a variety of methods, including surveillance, to determine what might be happening with a child when in a parent’s custody. Investigators gather evidence that may suggest that a child is being mistreated, videotaping or documenting any abuse or neglect they witness. Investigators will interview parents, ask them to fill out detailed questionnaires about their parenting practices and the child’s care. A child custody investigator may also question other individuals or solicit witnesses for any court hearings on behalf of the parent.

When to Hire a Child Custody Investigator

Statistically speaking, children are most likely to be abused or neglected by those closest to them, including their parents or guardians. Often a divorcing spouse may have suspicions about an ex; unfortunately, suspicions may not be taken seriously in a court in a divorce or child custody case. You need good quality evidence to prove that your spouse or ex-spouse is a danger to the child.

You may also want to hire a child custody investigator if you have been accused of abuse or neglect. Sometimes a parent will make false accusations against their ex in order to deny or limit access to their child. A private investigator can help gather evidence of your conduct so that you have the visiting or custodial time you are entitled to. The detectives at Baldwin Legal Investigations are certified and trained in child custody investigation techniques that ensure the highest quality evidence while safeguarding the child.

The findings and report of a professional child custody investigator always carry more weight in court than a parent’s accusation, so if you have a stake in the outcome of your child custody case, contact us today.

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