Spouse or Business Partner Hiding Assets?

Asset Investigation in Alabama (Mobile, Birmingham) and Pensacola, FLDo you wonder if your ex-spouse or business partner really has the assets they claim? The investigators at Baldwin Legal Investigations will perform an exhaustive search for hidden assets held by individuals or businesses attempting to avoid restitution or other legal action.

An asset investigation can uncover whether an individual is using a false name to hide assets. Investigators may also trace money or property obtained through fraud, theft, embezzlement or misappropriation of funds.

Investigators performing asset searches conduct in-depth research and analysis using advanced techniques and specialized databases. After gathering and evaluating the collected information, BLI will work with your lawyer to determine whether and how to effect recovery.

Results of an asset investigation may include the following information (and often more):

  • Statewide or nationwide checking and savings accounts or safety deposit boxes
  • IRA and retirement, brokerage or investment accounts
  • Real or personal property including motor vehicles, boats or planes
  • Employment and/or registration as a principal in any corporate entity
  • + More

When should you engage a private investigator for an asset search?

  • Did your business partner show up to work in a brand new sports car or take his family on a lavish vacation, clearly beyond his salary or draw? Sometimes the signs of corporate fraud and theft may be apparent.
  • Are you in the middle of divorce proceedings and unable to prove the extent of your partner’s finances? In addition to the obvious financial reason for identifying any hidden assets, there can also be a significant legal advantage. Courts do not like it when it can be shown that a spouse has been acting in bad faith by misrepresenting his or her assets.
  • Are you thinking about making an investment through a private equity firm or hedge fund? Even experienced investors have been duped by fraudsters running Ponzi schemes. An asset investigation on the investment firm and its principals should be part of a thorough due diligence process. Don’t be scammed!
  • Did you win a judgment in a lawsuit or accept a settlement but find yourself unable to collect? A successful collection effort depends largely upon being able to identify the assets of the losing or settling party. The process may include levying bank accounts, garnishing wages or securing liens against any real property.

There are other situations in which an asset search may be valuable. Contact the experts at BLI to learn whether an asset investigation can benefit yours

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