Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc. is one of the most technologically advanced private investigation services firms in the country utilizing the latest available databases and covert camera equipment.

We are the real solution for the specific needs of the confidential world, providing first rate, on-call services and ready response to attend to any investigative situation that you may encounter. Our commitment to providing clients with effective, timely, cost-effective services by use of experienced private investigator teams is acknowledged throughout the private investigative industry.

infidelityPersonal Investigations

Adultery and Infidelity can have a truly devastating impact on spouses, children, and external family members’ lives, emotionally and financially. Baldwin Legal Investigations can end your fear and anxiety by discreetly providing you with the truth. Read more about personal investigations, or select a topic below:

pic021Legal Investigations

Whether conducting an investigation relating to complex litigation, due diligence, fraud, business intelligence or other issues, Baldwin Legal Investigations draws upon a wealth of investigative experience and worldwide resources on every new case. We take great care to gather evidence in an admissible fashion so as not to jeopardize its potential use in court.

Read more about the investigative services BLI provides to our attorney and law firm clients, or select a topic  below:

pic031Corporate and Workplace Investigations

Baldwin Legal Investigations provides corporate security and investigative services that focus on the planning, development, implementation and management of comprehensive protection strategies for its clients, their families and employees. Read more about corporate and workplace fraud or theft investigations or select a topic below:

pic04Insurance Investigations

Baldwin Legal Investigations handles insurance investigations to mitigate damages for the insurance industry and provide investigative assistance in proving fraudulent claims for any type of insurance. Read more about insurance fraud and BLI’s role in these types of cases.


Should you have questions regarding our private investigator services, please contact Max A. Hansen III, CEO of Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc. at 251.625.0766.