Divorce & Child Custody InvestigationsAt Baldwin Legal Investigations, Inc., we provide full service, licensed private investigative services throughout the Southeast, which allows us to cross state borders when the situation warrants. We’re highly experienced and we get you fast results when other agencies without our resources and credentials would fail. This child custody case was especially rewarding and we wanted to share the delightful letter we received from the missing child’s father last week:

“I had spent a year trying to find my baby girl after her mother ran off with her. I kept getting court dates but was not seen by a judge because the mother couldn’t be served. I’ve tried other private investigators and drove through 5 states looking at addresses they gave with no luck. Courts weren’t helping, sheriffs weren’t able to locate her, and I’ve filed in multiple states but came up short every time. Then one day when it seemed like nothing was going to get her into court I came across Baldwin Legal Investigations. I spoke with them on a Friday afternoon and Monday they had me in their office making things happen. It took 3 days for them to locate the mother and my child and verify!! When time was of the utmost importance they pulled through with a very well put together case report. Because of them and the importance they put towards my case when no one else could help, I was able to locate the mother and get her served within 10 days. I couldn’t be happier!! After a year of heartbreak and disappointment the team at Baldwin Legal Investigations lifted a huge burden off my family and put me closer to getting my daughter back than ever before. And that is priceless. ‘Thank you’ is an understatement for how much I appreciate the work you guys have done.”

M.F., Summerdale, AL