Custody issues are usually the most contested part of a divorce. Most private investigators are highly trained in information gathering and can help provide evidenceChild custody to support your legal case regarding custody of your children. Many PI’s have prior work experience in various criminal justice professions. Some are former police officers, detectives, military members, or other types of professionals skilled in gathering information. They often have a lot of experience with interviewing witnesses, investigating finances, and locating people and property.

Courts consider a number of factors, mostly related to the lifestyle of a prospective guardian. Considerations include the work schedule of the guardian, drug and alcohol abuse, any criminal record, parenting skills, and the means to provide financially for the child. An experienced and professional private investigator can help to provide information relating to any of these considerations and can often give you a better chance of gaining custody of your children in a divorce.

Here are just some of the services that a private investigator can provide to help your case when you’re going to court over child custody issues:

  • A private investigator will be able to gather evidence that your spouse is not obeying custody orders, any history of violence by your spouse, failure to pay child support, any evidence of abuse or neglect, or even fraudulent accusations that you are abusing or neglecting your children.

  • It is illegal for you to spy on your spouse using methods such as installing a video camera in the home or by recording phone calls. However, a private investigator can record or photograph your spouse in public places which helps to paint a picture of your spouse as a parent.

  • Private investigators can gather items dropped by your spouse, such as receipts or photographs.

  • Private investigators can also perform background checks on your spouse to reveal any criminal record as well as financial ability to provide for a child.
  • Private investigators can also collect witness statements concerning your spouse’s treatment of your children.

Child custody investigations can provide competent evidence to the Court that can establish what is truly in the child’s best interest. They can also be valuable in proving to the court that you are in a better position to care for your child than your spouse.

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