Hiring a Private Investigator When Going to Family Court | Baldwin Legal Investigations

Matters that end up in family court — such as domestic or child abuse, infidelity, divorce and child custody cases, etc. – can be very emotional and highly charged. Lawyers and firms practicing family law often have a hard time obtaining accurate information since the parties involved usually provide only their respective points of view when talking about the situation.

Baldwin Legal Investigations works closely with family law attorneys and law firms, providing investigative services that help support their clients’ cases in family court.

Many times in child custody cases there is a tendency for each parent to think the goal is to make their ex-spouse look bad. While a private investigation can be useful in identifying information that can be used against your ex in court, there are other, better reasons why your lawyer might recommend you hire an investigator. One important reason is to prepare you for anything that may be raised – regarding your ex’s conduct or your own past behavior – over the course of the litigation. No one likes surprises in the courtroom, least of all your lawyer.

Another reason a family law attorney may want to engage a private investigator is that they know that bashing your ex is not enough for a judge to award you custody. A better strategy is to focus on what makes you the better parent. Private investigators don’t always just dig up dirt; they also use investigative methods to research your history as a parent and learn more about your good qualities. Your lawyer can make a much better case for you if her information about your parenting skills comes from objective sources.

Regardless of what side you are on in any family matter, it pays to hire a qualified and licensed private investigator to assist your attorney in preparing and strengthening your case. Make sure any PI you contact is licensed and insured, and reach out to BLI if we can be of service in this area.