Usually, as private detectives, BLI is in the business of finding clues and facts for a case. Today instead of learning how to find case clues, we are going to be on the sneaky side. Our hope is to reveal some places that won’t leave clues for clever minds so that you can find some great hiding spots for gifts!

Placing bow on a gift

Christmas is upon us and even if it has already passed when you read this, here are some places to hide gifts that you may want to keep in mind. Who knows, maybe you could use those spots to hide birthday gifts too?

We will start listing some of the most used hiding places (and perhaps the more accessible places) and move towards those less obvious and harder to find crooks and nannies… or rather nooks and crannies!

Starting at ground level there are many options:

  • Under the bed
  • In the closet
  • Under or behind couches or unused furniture
  • In drawers and under clothes
  • In the garage
  • In the kitchen cupboards (maybe behind or in some pots)
  • In the potato drawer
  • In the pantry (behind some pasta?)
  • In the back seat or in the trunk of the car!
  • Inside boxes, suitcases, an unused storage bin, or the hamper?
  • Under a bag in a (clean) garbage can
  • In the laundry room
  • In with the linens or extra towels
  • In the dryer
  • Under the kitchen or bathroom sink (make sure they are bagged and safe from moisture)
  • At work, or in your office
  • At a friend or relative’s house
  • Behind that one unused door that always stays open
  • Somewhere in the spare room
Untie string of gift

Proceed with caution when attempting to hide gifts in these places:

  • In cabinets, and cupboards that are above eye-level
  • On shelves that are above eye-level (like above your closet)
  • If you have kids, consider the shelves in their own closet!
    • Make sure you know your kids don’t really use those shelves and they’ll never suspect you put gifts there… until next year.
  • Under their own bed! Unless, of course, they actually clean their room.
  • Above the fridge (if they are small gifts)
  • In the attic! (make sure to bag them)
  • In the topper of the van
  • In the kayaks or canoe
  • On high shelves in the garage or laundry room
  • In the shed (make sure they are safe from moisture and dust)
  • In the glove box of the car or truck

We saw that the list of places ranges from common to a little strange but inconspicuous. Be clever. Choose a place that you know your gift-receiver avoids or thinks is too obvious (sometimes those are the best places). Also, keep in mind that there are numerous more places not mentioned that take extra precautions, not only because someone could spot your gift, but also because of safety (like behind the water heater or the oven drawer). We wouldn’t recommend those places because of the risks. The gift could, or something worse could happen. There could be similar yet safer places that could work.

After finding the right spots, make sure you remember where they are. One suggestion about hiding gifts (found in this blog by metrostorage) is to write down the location of your hiding spots. This is a great idea. The last thing you want is to forget where your gifts are!

Part of the fun of gift-giving is the surprise that comes with it. The mystery of the gift and the excitement of the unknown. There are different strategies out there. Hid the gifts until its close to Christmas day and wrap them, or wrap them and keep them in sight. Keeping them under the tree where they are always visible might just work out great too!

Baby looking at gift

Whatever strategy you choose, we hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!