Fraud or Theft in the WorkplaceWe handle quite a few cases each year involving large scale corporate fraud. But sometimes even the smallest nagging concerns about an employee involved in theft or fraud in the workplace can yield a huge return to a company when properly investigated and exposed.

Recently, Baldwin Legal Investigations was retained to investigate an employee for All Cranes, a heavy equipment provider. This particular employee had use of a company truck and credit card and also was being paid over $80,000 in salary. Although he had permission to use the credit card and truck to entertain, management felt he was using them to finance a lavish lifestyle, costing the company more than was authorized for sales expenses.

Some of the questionable charges included excessive golf course fees, plus liquor purchases and consumption for strictly personal use. They were also concerned that the employee was driving the company truck for personal use and often under the influence of alcohol. Naturally, All Cranes was concerned about potential DUI charges and potential liability in the event someone was hurt while the employee was driving.

Our investigation provided All Cranes with solid proof of all these concerns. After surveillance of the employee, our investigators were able to document that he was indeed spending excessive amounts of company money on personal matters and misusing the company truck for personal business. Ultimately, All Cranes decided not to press charges, but the employee lost his job. All Cranes was saved from a potential liability as well as gaining a huge cost savings.

If you believe your company is in a similar position, contact BLI today.  We have private investigators in Mobile and Baldwin County and in Pensacola, Florida, as well as a network of certified professionals across the United States.

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