Are They Telling the Truth?

polygraph-testPolygraph – commonly known as a “lie detector test” – is utilized by law enforcement agencies throughout the country and across the globe in the course of criminal investigations and civil matters. Polygraph testing has been shown to have extremely high accuracy rates, and although results of a polygraph are not admissible in court both police and private investigators use it as a tool to get to the truth on matters of importance.

A polygraph exam can be an essential investigative aid but is not a substitute for standard investigative techniques. Among its uses, a polygraph can help an investigator:

  • Eliminate suspects in a crime to narrow the scope of an investigation
  • Gather evidence and additional information for infidelity or child custody cases
  • Identify false complaints and/or claims
  • Determine the veracity of information provided by informants

Baldwin Legal Investigations uses polygraph in many types of private investigations, including:

Polygraph tests can only be administered with the consent of the person to be tested.  Exams are totally voluntary and nobody can be forced to take a polygraph examination.

An average polygraph exam can run 90 minutes or longer and generally consists of a pretest interview, where the examiner will review the testing process with the subject and answer any questions he or she may have.

Questions will vary by case, for example a case involving theft or fraud by an employee may include inquiries about any thefts from previous employers, falsification of information on any official documents or job application or the use of illegal drugs. There are no “trick” questions – generally test questions are reviewed and discussed in advance of any polygraph testing.

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