Support Services for Law Firms

Litigation Support ServicesWhether civil or criminal nature, if you’re building a case to either exonerate or incarcerate, Baldwin Legal Investigations can help strengthen your case. Our investigations are committed to the finding the facts and can gather the information you need in order for you to be successful in court.

Our clients include both civil and criminal defense attorneys, law firms representing the corporate community, and in-house counsel for businesses across all industries seeking litigation support services when preparing for trial.

BLI assists with all phases of case preparation – for example, an insurance carrier may ask us to inspect conditions at the scene of an accident and document conditions with photography or video. We are sometimes asked to take measurements and prepare diagrams for use in court.

BLI’s litigation support team are also equipped to perform extensive research and comprehensive background checks of individuals, assets, entities, utilities and more. We routinely handle skip tracing and service of process and can assist in obtaining written or recorded statements of any involved parties or witnesses in civil or criminal trials.

BLI’s litigation support services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Case File and Document Reviews
    Our knowledgeable investigative staff can review and analyze case files, including any expert reports and third party documents.
  • Evidence Collection
    BLI’s field investigators are all trained in the correct methods of surveillance for the collection, processing and preservation of evidence. This ensures your evidence will be legally admissible in court.
  • Witness Interviews and Statement Collection
    We have extensive experience in obtaining signed and/or video-recorded statements from witnesses and other parties involved in civil and criminal lawsuits.
  • Polygraph Service
    When administered by an experienced professional, a polygraph exam (or “lie-detector test”) can be useful not only to decide whether or not an investigation is warranted but also for deciding its direction.

The private investigators and professional staff at BLI are ready to help you with any litigation support services you may need.  Contact us today to find out more.

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