Insurance Fraud Investigator

Insurance Fraud Investigator Serving Alabama, Florida and across the USAlmost one in four Americans say it’s acceptable to defraud insurers! Insurance fraud is a burden on the U.S. economy with an estimated $80 billion being paid out every year in fraudulent claims. Insurance firms, business owners, and corporations need to protect their investments. Fraud is becoming more prevalent than ever in the workplace and Baldwin Legal Investigations has saved thousands of dollars for organizations by revealing the truth.

An insurance fraud investigators will examine your misfortune through a process called “Accident Reconstruction.” This is the method of using physical and factual evidence, in conjunction with mathematics and physics, to determine how the accident occurred.

During vehicular accident reconstruction, we can determine the impact speeds and directions of the vehicles involved, the time and distance relationships between the vehicles prior to the incident, and the impact severity relative to passengers or pedestrians.

Background Investigation

Baldwin Legal Investigations completes thorough background investigations to include database searches, personal interviews and physically checking court records. Much of this information can be furnished within twenty four hours of a request. Click here to order your reports now for delivery within 24 hours.

People Search and Locate

Baldwin Legal Investigations can conduct a People Search to locate an individual. A locate investigation consists of uncovering someone’s current address for a Process of Service, locating a witness for an interview for your case, or any other situations in which a person may be hiding their whereabouts. Our People Search reports are prepared personally by highly experienced private investigators who work with specialized databases accessible only to licensed private investigators. Click here to order your reports now for delivery within 24 hours.